About the Author

Derek Lee has worked as a clinical psychologist in the National Health Service for more than 30 years. The vast majority of this time was spent working with people who had drug and alcohol problems. Derek also has extensive experience of working with people struggling with complex and enduring psychological problems in both hospital and community settings. He has taught psychology at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He has run workshops for a wide range of staff, including police surgeons, social workers, GPs, psychiatrists and mental health nurses. He has also trained voluntary sector staff in substance misuse and mental health charities.

Derek has a lot of experience in running therapy and psycho-educational groups, including anxiety management, relapse prevention, bipolar disorder, social skills training, improving self-esteem, and motivation. Creating this “Understand Yourself Better” resource seemed to be the next logical step on this journey.


Acknowledgements and Attributions


I have benefited greatly over the years from the teaching and supervision I have received from other psychologists, without whom I would not have had the career I enjoyed so much. As far as possible, I try to acknowledge and accurately attribute the material I cover here, but it is not possible to do this 100 percent of the time. A lot of the ideas come from the psychology cloud of knowledge that includes received wisdom, common sense and maybe even mythology. The presentation of material is uniquely mine except where otherwise attributed. Please contact me with any corrections or omissions and I will do my best to rectify them.

The workshop slides were designed and illustrated by Ilse Lee.